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The Plan Behind The Magic!

Stress-Free Vacation Planning

A lot of energy can go into planning a well thought out vacation. Who has time for that? That's where our expertise at Ears of Experience comes in. No need for you to worry about the details of where to stay, what stateroom to choose or how will we spend our day? We offer multiple vacation packages depending on how hands on or off you wish to be when planning your trip. Each element customized to ensure a stress-free planning process.

Customized Itineraries

Every family is different so one plan DOES NOT fit all. We work very hard to listen to our clients and make sure the plans we make are uniquely designed for you. Ears of Experience will optimize your itinerary to fit in your "must haves". With your custom itinerary in hand, you will leave for your vacation with confidence. There is no need to think too hard on vacation!

Expert Tips and Tricks

The yEARS of Experience within this company has given us tried and true Tips & Tricks that we like to pass along to our clients to make their vacations just a bit more special. Things like the best restaurants in town, family friendly excursions, how to navigate the parks, where to view fireworks or what your snack credits can get you. These Tips & Tricks are bundled along with other important information into your travel packet, which you will receive a couple weeks prior to travel.

Price Watch

We hear clients say a lot, " What if I book to early, what happens if the rooms go on sale?" It is true. Disney® has new promotions that come out through out the year. You don't need to worry about that. Once you book your Disney® vacation with Ears of Experience, we are watching for new promotions all the time. If a promotion comes out, we will price adjust your vacation package for you, pending applicability and availability. We work hard to make sure you are getting the most for your vacation dollars.

Concierge Service

Ears of Experience knows that your vacation is important to you. It's important to us, too. Guests will experience concierge service when they book a Gold Planning package with us. We are right beside you, working to put all your customized plans and elements together to create your fantastic vacation. Service doesn't stop when you leave home for your vacation. We're just a text or phone call away to help with any questions you might have. Our experience is at your service!